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CORPORATE OFFICE SOLUTIONS - PME 70 pers. créée par Christophe WELLER - CEO (promotion 1992) - Agencement bureaux et espaces de travail - BtoB [ ROUMANIE ]

Christophe WELLER a créé l'entreprise COS.RO en 1997.

PME leader sur le marché de l'aménagement et la création des espaces de travail en Roumanie.

Founded in 1997, COS has continuously developed its range of services, becoming the first fully integrated office design & build specialist in Romania.

Since foundation, COS holds the sole local authorized dealership of Steelcase, global leader in the office furniture industry. COS is also representing Interface, worldwide leader in modular carpet.

COS is part of Office Solutions Group, an office interiors consultant since 1997 and now one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Almaty, Minsk and Bucharest.

During 17 years of operations, COS has delivered professional services and adequate products to more than 1,300 companies that needed to create or transform their workspaces.

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